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Kootenai Pets For Life Meeting January 10, 2024


Kootenai Pets For Life Meeting February 14, 2024 Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place on February 14, 2024 at the shelter at 5:00pm.


Attending were Faith Lee, Sara Sherman, Linda Andreasen, Gary Armstrong, Marge Sullivan, Matthew Holcomb Lake, Teanne Ungren, Elaine Hammer, Katie Tingey, Megan Hall, Carolyn Story, Nick Calabrese, Julie Hopfer, Heidi McBride, Toni Crace and by phone Deirdre Ruark.


1. Marge read the minutes from our last meeting, January 10. Juli Hopfer took exception to the last line - a consensus of the voting members agree that anyone not following the By Laws and Procedure should be terminated from volunteering/ membership. Several of the members attending the January meeting agreed there was no consensus of the voting members and there was no vote taken.


2. Sara read the Treasurer's report. Our income for January was $13,572, our expenses were $ 11,966. Our net income was $1,606. Banks are Ace - $5.73; City Service Valcon $5.00; Homesteaders - $2.67; Libby Sports - $1.69; Printing Press - $0.52; Rocky Mountain Music - $8.72; Roasters - $6.10; VFW - $22.56 in Libby. Troy banks were 1st MT bank - $28.06; Booze & Bait - $14.01; Mary Anne’s - $80.15. Boutique Brielle - $18.39 Motion by Linda to pay our bills, second by Teanne, motion carries.


3. Faith gave the shelter report.

For December we had an intake of 2 cats. We had 5 cats and 6 dogs adopted. We have 7 dogs in Shelter and 11 dog fosters. There are 19 cats in the shelter with 4 in foster and 1 still available. Five cats will be coming in soon. We had 14 cat spays and 4 of those were feral cats. We had 6 neuters and 10 microchips. We had 5 dog spays and 6 microchips. There were 17 exams and 6 other procedures.


4. Old business:

Juli gave a report on grants she had found. She has found three that she will pursue further. One grant from ASPCA has restrictions that do not allow paid members on the Board which is contrary to our current setup.


5. New Business:

Faith passed out information on several microchip companies. The current one is alright but customer service has been poor. Some have 24 hours service. The biggest factor in differences seems to be customer service. Juli will research several and report next month.


Faith said new bowls for wet food for cats are needed. Discussion of type of bowl/ plate with the suggestion to look at the dollar store and see what is available. Faith said she would check this out.


The yearly fund raising letter was discussed. It was agree we will discuss further next month. Including a membership with the letter was discussed. Teanne will report on some fundraising needs.


Juli brought up the feral cat program. She said the Bonners Ferry Vet Clinic has a $20 feral cat spay/neuter program that will take some cats from Libby & Troy at a clinic once a month. The ferals must be in a live trap when brought in. If we could get 20 cats for March we could try to get this started. Deirdre said she had a contact and could possibly provide 17 cats. Toni Crace has agreed to pull this together and she and Deirdre will confer and try to do a trial run and see how this goes. We expect KPFL may have to come up with some of the funds.


We would like to have a membership form for next month. Marge agreed to work on this.


Everyone was asked to come up with some goals for KPFL. Short, medium and long term goals. Email to kpflmt@gmail.com and we can have a list for next meeting.


It was suggested everyone become familiar with the Articles of Incorporation and our By Laws. Faith will e-mail a copy of each to all.


A group bonding exercise was suggested. Teanne will do the first one. She will let everyone know what is happening.


Gary brought up the topic of the loss of members. The group discussed and agreed for the most part that what happened was not right but we must go forward. We agreed to send a letter to each of these ex-volunteers thanking them for their service and apologizing for the way things were handled. Linda suggested that we have Teanne write a draft letter that the Board will approve and then mail to those that have quit. Gary made a motion to do this, Linda seconded, It was passed.


Juli suggested that volunteers that resign by email should be welcome to volunteer again but would not still hold positions of officers or Board members if that applies to them. Paid employees that resign by letter are still resigned.


Linda made a motion to adjourn at 6:10, it was seconded by Juli, voted on and passed.


Minutes by Acting Secretary, Marge Sullivan


Kootenai Pets For Life Meeting January 10, 2024


Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place on January 10, 2024 at the shelter at 5:00pm.

Attending were Faith Lee, Terri Harbst, Bonnie Edmundson, Sara Sherman, Linda Andreasen, Katie Tingey, Gary Armstrong, Marge Sullivan, Dr. Kathryn Hawkins, Matthew Holcomb Lake, Nick Calabrese, Julie Hopfer, Dee Shea, Toni Crace and by phone Deirdre Ruark.

1. Bonnie read the Minutes from December 2023, minutes were approved as read.

2. Sara read the Treasurer's report. Our income for December was $10,839.00, our expenses were $16,843.00 making a net loss of $6004.00. Bills for January are $6127.00. Motion by Bonnie to pay our bills, Terri second, motion carries.

3. Terri read the shelter report. For December we had 4 intakes, all dogs. New fosters 8: 3 dogs, 5 cats. Adoptions 9: 3 dogs, 6 cats. End of month we had 6 dogs, 23 cats + 3 outside, and 21 animals in foster. Spay/ neuter 7 cats, 4 dogs, 8 others, 15 exams and 9 microchips.

4. Fundraising: Boutique Brielle $13.50, 1st Montana Bank $2.00, Booze 'n Bait $5.45, LCCU $8.00, MaryAnn's $50.50.

5. Old business: 1.) Katie is trying to organize with LOR for a giant spay/neuter to happen possibly here at the shelter. Montana spay/neuter is a mobile unit, but is booked for all of 2024. Julie says the Humane Society in Missoula has mobile unit. Katie will look into it. Julie will help guide Katie. 2.) Terri looked into Grant Writer courses. Flathead nor Kalispell have any courses. Cost varies from $20. credit to $600. course. Julie says she will look up and try to write asking for some small grants.

6. New business: 1.) Dr. Hawkins says she will now note in dog files when she encounters dogs with aggression. She is not pro aggression for adoptive dogs. 2.) Faith is waiting to hear back about arranging a date to meet with Animal Control and the Health Dept. and Tobacco Valley to discuss cat procedure. Terri suggests getting a "memorandum of understanding" to report a clear delineation regarding cat intakes. All members suggest recording the meeting. 3.) Bonnie says the Board will be re-writing the By Laws. 4.) Faith asked Gary to confirm he wants to step down from the Board. He says yes. Motion from Linda to have Deirdre on the Board, Terri second, motion carries. 5.) A consensus of the voting
members agree that anyone not following the By Laws and Procedures should be terminated from volunteering/membership.

Motion at 6:00pm to adjourn by Bonnie first, Faith second, motion carries.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson


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