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Microchipping - The chip is only as big as a grain of rice. It's usually implanted in the scruff of your dog's neck and doesn't cause any pain for your pet. It is safer than other forms of identification. If your dog gets lost, he might lose his collar and tags; if your dog is stolen, the thief might remove his collar and tags. With a microchip, you can help people who find your dog find you and if someone else says it's their dog, you can prove the dog is yours.

KPFL Microchipping Program - The microchipping program was begun in February 2012 and 46 dogs and 4 cats were microchipped that year. In 2013 34 dogs and 5 cats were microchipped. At least once a month microchipping is offered at the KPFL Shelter. Call 293-5735 to make an appointment.

The charge is $10 if you have the pet done at the time of adoption from KPFL. It is $15 if you have a pet that was adopted from KPFL at an earlier date. For $35 anyone with a pet can make an appointment and bring their pet in for microchipping.

Feral Cat Program - We have a Feral cat program that has been funded by a Sands Foundation grant. If there is a feral or stray animal that has come to your home or neighborhood we can arrange to have the animal spayed or neutered and then released back to that area with the fear of kittens eliminated

An appointment can be made to bring in a feral cat for spay or neuter and vaccinations. The cat's ear will be clipped and the cat will be released back to the same area. Since 2011, through this program, we have spayed or neutered over 288 cats. For more details on this program, call 293-5735.

An unspayed female cat, her mate and all of their offspring, producing 2 litters per year, with only 2.8 surviving kittens per litter can total:


1 year - 12
2 years - 67
3 years - 376
4 years - 2,107
5 years - 11,801
6 years - 66,088
7 years - 370,092
8 years - 2,072,514
9 years - 11,606,077