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Kootenai Pets for Life Meeting Minutes May 10,2023


Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at the shelter on Wednesday May 10, 2023 at 5:07 pm.


Attending were Faith Lee, Bonnie Edmundson, Sara Sherman, Linda Andreason and Marge Sullivan.  

1. No minutes were read. No known corrections. 

2. Sara gave the Treasurer’s report. For April our gross income was $4766.00. Our expenses were $7709.00. We had a net loss of $2943.00. Our

bills total $5267.00. Motion to pay our bills by Bonnie 1st, Marge 2nd. Motion carried.


3. Faith read the shelter report. Adoptions 12: 5 cats, 7 dogs. Intakes 13: 5 cats, 8 dogs. Returned to owner 1. Returned to us 1. Fosters 20:

 4 cats, 16 dogs. Cats in shelter 24 + 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 9. April spay/neuter clinic 31: 19 cats, 12 dogs. Microchips 14: 5 cats, 9 dogs. Dental/other 11: 3 cats, 8 dogs. 

4. Dog committee: Options need to be discussed about the 2 sled dogs that have been in our care for over 1 year.

5. Cat committee: no discussion. 

6. Fundraising committee: Boutique Brielle $26.21, Libby banks $7.25 and Troy banks $ 65.54. 

7. Old business

1. LOR Foundation: we need the help of 2 volunteers for help in organizing and communicating with LOR and  Task Force for next year spay/neuter.

2. Clinic door/window bid: Faith has not received a return call from our one subcontractor who submitted a bid. Nor has she received any bids from others who have come out and said they would submit bids. She will re-contact and will also reach out to other contractors.

3. CD investment: done. Waiting on our copy of the paperwork. 

8. New business: none. 

Motion to adjourn at 5:35 pm by Marge 1st, Linda 2nd. Motion carried


Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson 

Kootenai Pets for Life Meeting Minutes April 12 ,2023

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at the shelter at 5:00pm on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

Attending were Faith Lee, Bonnie Edmundson, Sara Sherman, Katie Tingey, Susan Bulyar, Linda Andreason, Marge Sullivan and Deb Frey.

1. Bonnie read the minutes from the March meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

2. Sara read the Treasurer’s report. The shelter’s gross income for the month of March was $6,347.00. The netincome was $380.00. Our bills for April are $4700.00. Motion to pay the bills by Bonnie first, Katie 2nd, motion carried.

3. Faith read the shelter report. Adoptions 15: 8 cats, 7 dogs. Intakes 6 dogs. Fosters 18: 4 cats, 14 dogs. Cats in shelter 26 including 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 10. March spay/neuter 29: 15 cats, 14 dogs. Microchips 14: 3 cats, 11 dogs. Dental 1 cat.

4. Dog committee: Faith reports there are lots of apps for dogs being worked on.

5. Cat committee: Dixie will be weighed next month to determine if she is losing weight or not and what to do if she is. She should have quality of life, not quantity. Keisha needs to be watched for not eating or other signs she needs her blood drawn for testing.

6. Fund raising committee: Boutique Brielle $10.00, Libby Banks $54.00, Troy Banks $57.00, Facebook $395.00, recycling $740.00.

7. Old business:

1. LOR Foundation: Linda would like to make dog bags to give to dog adopters. Faith would like to also have fliers available to the public. LOR will help with cost. Faith has not talked to Bailey yet about dog training classes. We would also like to make a “how to” printout for home to home adopters.

2. Clinic door/window bid: Daryl Nash is the only bid we have received. His total is $6021.63 for everything except the cost of an electrician. After reviewing the bid we would like to make adjustments. Faith will review our changes with him.

3. CD investments: Deb talked to some financial institutions. Three Rivers Bank in Kalispell offers 4.389% for a 9 month CD. Glacier offers a 3.5% CD for 7 months. LCCU offers a 3.5% for 1 year. Motion by Katie to go with LCCU for $50,000., Linda 2nd, motion carries.

4. Shelter sign: already received. Sign is in shelter waiting for framing and installation.

8. New business:

1. Expected absences: Deirdre will be gone 4/26-5/16 but can still work applications slowly. Justice will be gone for 4 weeks.

2. Due to unforseen circumstances we have been asked to host a volunteer living in a trailer/camper for the summer. In exchange we will collect funds for our power bill and will get some “one on one” dog training and possibly some extra open hours for the shelter. Motion by Linda to agree to host, Bonnie 2nd, motion carries.

3. Grants/fundraising committee: no volunteer is available.

4. Deirdre has offered 2 pictures for the shelter, unanimous yes to accept them.

5. Open topic: Linda says we are offered to attend “Poodle Day” at the park in June. She’ll send out an email to ask for volunteers. More info to come. Linda would like to do a potluck at our June picnic at Boars Den. Motion by Linda 1st, Bonnie 2nd, motion carries. Marge says our tiles cost $6.00 each.

Motion to adjourn at 6:30 by Marge 1st, Katie 2nd, motion carries.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson


Kootenai Pets for Life Meeting Minutes March 8,2023

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at the shelter on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 5:00pm.   

Attending were Faith Lee, Bonnie Edmundson, Sara Sherman, Katie Tingey, Susan Bulyar, Marge Sullivan, Linda Andreason and Deb Frey. 


1.  Bonnie read the minutes from the February meetingMinutes were approved as read.


2.   Sara gave the Treasurer’s reportIn February our gross income was $40,296.33 which included $33,500of restricted funds leaving our gross income to be $6,796.33.   Our net income was $34,393. minus the $33,500 equals $893.00.    Our bills totaled $4,210.00.  Motion to pay by Linda 1st, Bonnie 2nd Motion carried.  


3.   Faith read the Shelter report Adoptions 3: 2 cats, 1 dog Special circumstances 1 cat Intakes 10: 5 cats, 5 dogs Returned to us 1 dog Fosters 22: 6 cats, 16 dogs Cats in shelter 31 including 3 outside Dogs in shelter 9 February s/n 20:  17 cats, 3 dogs Microchips 6: 5 cats, 1 dog Dental 4: 1 cat, 3 dogs.


4.   Dog committee:  we are expecting some cocker/dashound pups coming in about 6 weeks. 


5.   Cat committee:  Dixie goes in for her MRI on Thursday at the Calm Clinic in Kila which will include an xray and evaluation.


6.  Fund raising committee:  Amazon $216.00, Facebook $210.00We have a community volunteer who is taking our aluminum cans on Thursday to Kalispell in a moving van.


7.   Old business

1Faith talked to Tabitha at the LOR FoundationThey would like to help us with 3 things so far:  Education, spay/neuter, and dog obedience training classesFaith is looking for a volunteer to collect info for brochures to help educate the publicLOR will pay for a set amount of funds to help low income and other needy situations for spay/neuterFaith would also like to have available monthly dog training/obedience classes.


2.  Paid employee duties are acceptedNo corrections or additionsHours are to be determined.                                


3.  Investing:  Sara will make a profit/expense sheet for the last year/years so we can decide on an amount to invest depending on availability of fundsDifferent banks/credit unions will also be inquired upon for the most profitable plan.   


8.   New business

1.  Expected absences:  Faith has jury duty starting March 14th for up to 3 daysShe will also be gone from March 20th-30th.     


2.   Dr. Hawkins requested an inner door from the clinic to the hallway so animals do not have to be taken outside after surgery during inclimate weather.   We also would like to have more/bigger windows in the front cat room and to have some windows replaced.   Faith will get estimates.    


3.  Adoption support ideas: Becky and Deirdre have ideas to present at a later time.    


4.  Deirdre asks that dog and cat applications have initials on them of the person taking the app for a contact in case of questions.      


5.  Deirdre asks that we make/use a dog evaluation formFaith and Linda will do and place on the outside of each kennel with info about each  dog and what has been/needs to be done as far as training.   


6.  Marge has canceled the tiles from Twisted Turtle due to lack of getting them done.  Linda says Achievements can do them.  Linda would like to buy a box of tiles for the future.   She will look into cost.    Also a Talking Stick was mentioned to help with the control over talking during meetings. 


Motion to adjourn at 6:00 by Linda 1st, Katie, 2ndMotion carried 

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson 


Kootenai Pets for Life Meeting Minutes February 8,2023

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at the shelter on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

Attending were Faith Lee, Sara Sherman, Bonnie Edmundson, Edwina Smith, Katie Tingey, Linda Andreason, Marge Sullivan, Susan Bulyar and Deb Frey.

1. Bonnie read the minutes from the January meeting. Minutes were approved as read.

2. Sara reviewed the Treasurer's report. Our income for January was $11,710. Our expenses were $4107., making our net income $7,603. including the spay/neuter program. The bills for the month of January were $5720.94. Marge motioned to pay the bills, Katie 2nd. Motion carries.

3. Cat Committee: Grady has been moved to the kitten room.

4. Dog Committee: we have 4 new puppies. We received a donation to buy a tooth cleaning machine. The machine has arrived! Dental appointments are now available.

5. Faith read the Shelter Report: Adoptions 10: 5 cats, 5 dogs. Intakes 2 cats. Returned to us 1 cat. Fosters 23: 7 cats, 16 dogs. Cats in shelter 26 plus 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 5. January spay/neuter 32: 21 cats, 11 dogs. Microchips 21: 14 cats, 7 dogs.

6. Fund Raising Committee: Boutique Brielle $123.35. Facebook $480. Facebook is discontinuing Amazon Smile as of 2/20/23. Libby/Troy banks

7. Old Business:

1. Sara cannot do our taxes. Kip Hartman can/will do them again this year for approx $1300. Faith motions to go forward and have Kip do our taxes, Bonnie 2nd, motion carries.

2. The LOR Foundation should be responding next week. Faith will ask is they can help with a spay/neuter clinic and also the county cat problem.

8. New Business:

1. Faith and Cat Committee will determine if more scratching posts and/or litter boxes are needed.

2. Faith reports that with rising costs we need to raise our spay/neuter prices to $5.00 more for cats and $10.00 more for dogs effective immediately. Deb motions to raise prices, Katie 2nd, motion carries.

3. Faith has found a candidate to oversee and work at the shelter: Matt Lake. She would like to hire him as an employee for $10/hour while training him and then $15.00 hour. This should be a 40 hour a week position. An anonymous donor would like to pay this years wages. Katie motions we move forward with the hire, Faith 2nd, motion carries. At $15.00 for 1 year including payroll taxes the amount would be $3,988.70. Faith wil train, show about grant hunting and all the daily runnings required.

4. Linda reports that we can get 3.5% interest on a CD vs .3% on a savings account for our money. She would like to invest maybe up to 1 years expenses into something that will work for us. Faith and Linda will talk to SDCCU. Also to DA Davidson.

5. Katie says Troy offers sand for free, does Libby have this resourse also? To reduce our bills for sand delivery. Faith and Katie will inquire.

6. We have an anonymous donor that would like to pay for us to add on an enclosed sun room for our cats or enlarging our window area in cat rooms. Faith will get bids. Same donor wants to give us a summer party for all volunteers on June 3.

Location to be announced.

Motion to adjourn at 6:15 by Bonnie first, Marge 2nd, motion carries.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Meeting Minutes January 11,2023

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at the shelter on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 5:12pm.

Attending were Faith Lee, Bonnie Edmundson, Sara Sherman, Marge Sullivan, Katie Tingey, Linda Andreason and Deb Frey.

1. Bonnie read the minutes from the December meeting. Minnutes were approved as read.

2. Faith reviewed the Treasurer's report. December's net income was $6682.21. Our net income for the 2022 year was $28,942.10.

3. Cat committee: Cookie was not doing well in foster. Dr. Hawkins took her home. She is doing much better, her allergies seem to be environmental.

4. Dog committee: Heidi ran away in Missoula. She was turned into the Humane Society there. She's doing well.

5. Faith read the shelter report. Adoptions 11: 5 cats, 6 dogs. Intakes 7 cats. Returned to us 1 cat. Fosters 27: 7 cats, 20 dogs. Cats in shelter 29+3
outside. Dogs in shelter 6. December spay/neuter 14: 10 cats, 4 dogs. Microchip 10: 6 cats, 4 dogs.

6. Fundraising: Libby banks $79.68, Boutique Brielle $23.84. The recycle cans need to be taken to Kalispell. Should we rent a truck again? Faith knows someone with a dump truck, she will ask to borrow.

7. Old Business:

1. Open office hours have changed. Friday is now 10am to 12pm and Saturday from 10am to 12pm.

2. Discussion ensued about the radio host appreciation gift. Faith suggested using money from the 2022 dues if possible. Linda and Marge are against the idea of a gift card. Linda asked how we will determine who gets a gift card and who gets just a thank you. Bonnie suggested a thank you card with shelter animals collage inside. Linda made a motion for the card with collage inside, Bonnie 2nd, motion carried.

8. New Business:

1. Expected absences: Tammy will be gone for 2 weeks or more. Kate will be out some days, watch the calendar. Starting Monday MaryKay
will be off thru February. Faith will cover her Monday open hours.

2. Treasurer update: Terri had decided not to continue with the Treasurer position. Sara has agreed to step into the positon with our vote. Faith made a motion to use/hire Sara for the Treasurer/Accountant position, Katie 2nd, motion carries.

3. LOR Foundation: Marge thinks it's possible to get the LOR foundation to help organize and fund a spay/neuter clinic. Faith and Katie will contact them to learn more.

4. Spay/neuter clinic: Dr. Hawkins is doing more vet work at clinic, the Sands grant money should be kept separate.

5. Expenditures: Linda would like to spend some money on necessities. She would like to buy foam filters for the air exchange, a new board for donation tiles, mop holder for the laundry room, a blacklight for the cat room urine search, shelf/brackets for medication room and an anti-fatigue matt for the animals for after spay/neuter. Total is less than $200. Motion to purchase all by Marge 1st, Katie 2nd. Motion carries.

6. Investing: Linda inquired if we should invest some of our money into a higher yield account. Faith will talk to Sara and the bank. Linda motioned to move forward with the inquiry, Katie 2nd, motion carries.

Motion to adjourn at 6:35 by Bonnie 1st and Linda 2nd. Motion carried.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson


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