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Kootenai Pets for Life Meeting Minutes January 11,2023

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at the shelter on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 5:12pm.

Attending were Faith Lee, Bonnie Edmundson, Sara Sherman, Marge Sullivan, Katie Tingey, Linda Andreason and Deb Frey.

1. Bonnie read the minutes from the December meeting. Minnutes were approved as read.

2. Faith reviewed the Treasurer's report. December's net income was $6682.21. Our net income for the 2022 year was $28,942.10.

3. Cat committee: Cookie was not doing well in foster. Dr. Hawkins took her home. She is doing much better, her allergies seem to be environmental.

4. Dog committee: Heidi ran away in Missoula. She was turned into the Humane Society there. She's doing well.

5. Faith read the shelter report. Adoptions 11: 5 cats, 6 dogs. Intakes 7 cats. Returned to us 1 cat. Fosters 27: 7 cats, 20 dogs. Cats in shelter 29+3
outside. Dogs in shelter 6. December spay/neuter 14: 10 cats, 4 dogs. Microchip 10: 6 cats, 4 dogs.

6. Fundraising: Libby banks $79.68, Boutique Brielle $23.84. The recycle cans need to be taken to Kalispell. Should we rent a truck again? Faith knows someone with a dump truck, she will ask to borrow.

7. Old Business:

1. Open office hours have changed. Friday is now 10am to 12pm and Saturday from 10am to 12pm.

2. Discussion ensued about the radio host appreciation gift. Faith suggested using money from the 2022 dues if possible. Linda and Marge are against the idea of a gift card. Linda asked how we will determine who gets a gift card and who gets just a thank you. Bonnie suggested a thank you card with shelter animals collage inside. Linda made a motion for the card with collage inside, Bonnie 2nd, motion carried.

8. New Business:

1. Expected absences: Tammy will be gone for 2 weeks or more. Kate will be out some days, watch the calendar. Starting Monday MaryKay
will be off thru February. Faith will cover her Monday open hours.

2. Treasurer update: Terri had decided not to continue with the Treasurer position. Sara has agreed to step into the positon with our vote. Faith made a motion to use/hire Sara for the Treasurer/Accountant position, Katie 2nd, motion carries.

3. LOR Foundation: Marge thinks it's possible to get the LOR foundation to help organize and fund a spay/neuter clinic. Faith and Katie will contact them to learn more.

4. Spay/neuter clinic: Dr. Hawkins is doing more vet work at clinic, the Sands grant money should be kept separate.

5. Expenditures: Linda would like to spend some money on necessities. She would like to buy foam filters for the air exchange, a new board for donation tiles, mop holder for the laundry room, a blacklight for the cat room urine search, shelf/brackets for medication room and an anti-fatigue matt for the animals for after spay/neuter. Total is less than $200. Motion to purchase all by Marge 1st, Katie 2nd. Motion carries.

6. Investing: Linda inquired if we should invest some of our money into a higher yield account. Faith will talk to Sara and the bank. Linda motioned to move forward with the inquiry, Katie 2nd, motion carries.

Motion to adjourn at 6:35 by Bonnie 1st and Linda 2nd. Motion carried.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson


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