Kootenai Pets for Life
125 County Shop Road, P.O.

Our Mission:

We are a non-profit all volunteer organization providing services to the stray and abandoned pet population of the Libby/Troy area by providing a no-kill shelter. We also assist people of the communities who have emergencies or need help keeping and caring for their pets.

Our objectives are:

  • Promote spay/neuter programs & provide spay/neuter certificates as funds allow.
  • Promote & assist in providing humane care for stray, abused & unwanted pets.
  • Promote adoption of pets into humane & responsible homes.
  • Work to reduce & eventually eliminate euthanasia & end pet overpopulation. (We are a no-kill shelter.)
  • Promote responsible pet ownership & humane treatment of pets through education.
  • Help people keep their pets by providing behavior training, pet food, pet medical care funding & pet fostering.
  • Develop a foster care network.

Pets Available
for Adoption

Officers of Kootenai Pets for Life are Faith Lee, President; Jeff Sharp, Vice President/Shelter Director; Bonnie Edmundson, Secretary; Becky Monroe, Treasurer. Board members are Eileen Carney, Susan Bulyar, Tina Green, Laura Tindall, Linda Andreasen, and Edwina Smith.