Kootenai Pets for Life
125 County Shop Road, P.O.

Our Mission:

Kootenai Pets for Life, Inc. (KPFL) has been established to find forever homes for the pets brought to KPFL and to develop programs which educate the populace to the suffering of and the prevention of cruelties against animals.

Our objectives are:

  • Promote spay/neuter programs & provide spay/neuter certificates as funds allow.
  • Promote & assist in providing humane care for stray, abused & unwanted pets.
  • Promote adoption of pets into humane & responsible homes.
  • Work to reduce & eventually eliminate euthanasia & end pet overpopulation. (We are a no-kill shelter.)
  • Promote responsible pet ownership & humane treatment of pets through education.
  • Help people keep their pets by providing behavior training, pet food, pet medical care funding & pet fostering.
  • Develop a foster care network.

Pets Available
for Adoption

Officers of Kootenai Pets for Life are Faith Lee, President; Jeff Sharp, Vice President/Shelter Director; Bonnie Edmundson, Secretary; Becky Monroe, Treasurer. Board members are Eileen Carney, Susan Bulyar, Tina Green, Laura Tindall, Linda Andreasen, and Edwina Smith.