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Gracie was adopted in 2015

Just a quick note and thank you. Gracie gets along famously with Rat Dog. After being here an hour or so, she acts like she's lived here all along and deserves it. Very much a well behaved lady so far as I can tell. Took an interest right off in the rat department.

and later .... "Didn't know I could swim didja? When there aren't enough pesky gophers to occupy us, we have try and catch the muskrats and beavers."


A Note to the Volunteers :
December 24, 2016

Thank- you to all the volunteers for their commitment of taking care of the homeless animals.   KPFL is a wonderful asset to the community, making a real difference, saving lives, one pet at a time.    We are deeply grateful for you.

Ty, the Lab we adopted from you last March continues to do great!  We love him so, and he now plays with our other two dogs.

We plan on coming to the shelter sometime next week for a visit, depending on weather/road conditions.  Ty loves going for car rides.

Wishing you all the best, and see you soon!

Dawn, Doug and Ty