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Kootenai Pets for Life Meeting Minutes September 14,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at 1st Montana Bank on September 14, 2022 at 5:30 pm. Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Bonnie Edmundson, Deb Frey, Beth Kumle, Marge Sullivan, Susan Bulyar, Linda Andreason, Katie Tingey, Liz Hall, Edwina Smith and Bobbi McCanse.

1. Minutes were approved from August, 2022 meeting.

2. No Treasurer report given

3. Cat committee: Deb reports the kittens stink and food bowls are empty. Katie will donate a white board for cats.

4. Dog committee: 11 pups born, mom is well.

5. Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 4; 1 cat, 3 dogs. Emergency shelter 2 dogs. Intakes 10; 8 cats, 2 dogs. Fosters 39; 8 cats, 31 dogs. Cats in shelter 27 + 3 outside cats. Dogs in shelter 6. August spay/neuter 9; 1 cats, 8 dogs. Microchips 5; 1 cat, 4 dogs. Vouchers 3.

6. Fund raising not reported. Linda asks if we can earmark recycle can money for something. Also, can we put up some shading in can area before it fills up again? The Bow Wow Bash on October 22 needs donations. Katie would like more exposure for shelter. She would like to have a booth at Troy's Apple Festival on September 30. She will pay the $5.00 booth fee. Volunteers are needed.

7. Old business:

(1.) New Grants: we've applied for Grant 360 which is on standby for a truckload of Amazon returns. If granted we can use for the Bow Wow Bash.

(2.) Survey Results: grounds assessment solutions; suggested slats for screening recycle cans, we need a person to snow blow and mow lawn. Tessa says our dog groomers' husband has a landscaping business. She will ask to have time donated. Community perception; suggested public hours must be upheld, confirm volunters week before, orientation in shelter for all to show value, confidence and excitement. Faith/Katie will set date for orientation. Bobbie offered to do hands on training for volunteers. Tessa will train for cats and dogs. Deb will call volunteers from recent to inform of new orientation/training. Faith, Katie and Jeff will make a list for the training committee and a sign up sheet.

(3.) Cat room maintenance; Deb would like volunteers for play time in the evenings for cats. No cat room floors will be done until drains are fixed.

(4.) Fill vacant positions was not discussed.

8. New business:

(1.) Absences: Susan will be gone Oct. 10-15. Bobbie will cover Thursday the 13th. Kimberly is out permanently.

(2.) A vote was taken to buy Dr. Disney and Beth a gift certificate for past spay/neuter and vet time. Vote carried. Please place money in office box and label.

(3.) Home to Home: Tessa says this has negative feedback. People ask why we are helping to rehome unneutered animals. Faith offers discounts for public who can't afford spay/neuter. Mark will be asked to change Facebook page to say animals must be spayed/neutered. Faith will get support for Tessa and make a script.

(4.) College vet not discussed.

(5.) Linda would like reimbursement for the purchase of the cabinets installed. The total is approximately $1700. A donation of $500. has been received already. Motion to repay Linda by Marge 1st and Beth 2nd. Motion carried.

(6.) Linda would like to have rocks in front by door. She will ask Jeff to get pricing. Also a drop leaf table installed in intake for approximately $75.00. Frosted window film is needed for the spay/neuter area. Bonnie will donate. A motion to go forward for up to $200. for the above was
made by Linda 1st and Katie 2nd. Motion carried. Bobbie abstained. Please no Scentsy on the entrance table, wax will ruin the carpet. Faith asks for a training day for current volunteers to place everyone on the same track for both cats and dogs. She will work out the dates. Time may be 1-2 hours. A leader is needed. A sign up sheet will be available.

Motion to adjourn by Deb 1st and Bonnie 2nd. Motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.
Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson


Kootenai Pets for Life Additional Meeting Minutes August 20,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life special meeting took place at the shelter on August 20, 2022 at 3:00pm.

Attending were Faith Lee, Bonnie Edmundson, Edwina Smith, Linda Andreasen, Susan Bulyar, Marge Sullivan, Katie Tingey, Bobbi McCanse and Jeff Sharp.

Discussion for Shelter Director was the topic.

(1) Hours per month. Edwina suggested 20 hours. Bobbi suggested 30 hours. A vote was taken. Three people want 30 hours; Edwina, Bobbi and Marge. Five people want 40 hours; Faith, Bonnie, Susan, Linda and Katie. Majority wins. Forty hours per week carries.

(2) Start date. Monday August 22, 2022 Jeff will begin.

(3) Jeff requests being paid 2x a month. The 1st and the 15th.

(4) Edwina reminded all of the discussion regarding shelter cleaning hours being separate from open to the public hours. All agreed the shelter will be closed while cleaning and new open hours will be decided.

(5) Days and Hours. The days will be Monday thru Friday except for the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month. On those weeks Jeff will work Monday thru Wednesday, with Thursday off, and then Friday and Saturday. Faith discussed having afternoon and early evening hours for better public access. All agreed. The hours will be 10am to 6pm on all days.

(6) Open to the Public Hours. The shelter will be open to the public from 12:00 to 6:00pm. At least one day per week the shelter will be closed to the public to allow Jeff to accomplish duties. The day was not decided on.

(7) If Jeff needs to be gone during working hours he will find someone to cover his time. Bobbi will not cover for Jeff. If Jeff misses hours he will make up hours at his discretion. If all hours are not met, he will advise the Treasurer.

(8) Jeff will post his hours on the Volunteer Hours worksheet. If this needs to be changed then the Treasurer and Jeff will discuss a better solution.

(9) The shelter hours will be posted starting August 27, 2022. Linda says we all need to strive to follow posted hours.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes August 10,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at 5:30pm on August 10, 2022 at the 1st Montana Bank.
Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Bonnie Edmundson, Becky Monroe, Susan Bulyar, Linda Andreason, Edwina Smith, Katie Tingey, Beth Kumle, Bobbi McCanse and Liz Hall.

(1) Minutes were approved as posted.

(2) Becky handed out the monthly Treasurer's Report. We received a $300. donation to go toward wet cat food. The net income for the month of July was $591.10.

(3) Cat committee: Becky asks that we get a weekly update on adoptions. She also found a website for "Fear free sheltering". She will investigate more. Anyone can sign up and learn.

(4) Dog committee: Faith asks for volunteers to help with home checks for adoptions. She also reports that the prognosis for Lew is not good. He has mouth cancer. Becky asks for a 2nd opinion on his prognosis.

(5) Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 8: 2 cats, 6 dogs. Emergency shelter 3: 1 cat, 2 dogs. Intakes 6: 1 cat, 5 dogs. Fosters 35: 7 cats, 28
dogs. Cats in shelter 28 + 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 7. July spay/neuter 30: 19 cats, 11 dogs. Microchip 9: 1 cat, 8 dogs.

(6) Fund raising collected was $88.83 from Boutique Brielle, $57.15 from Facebook, $91.78 from Jars, $30. from Thrivent and $98. from Troy Banks.

(7) Old business; (1) New grant updates. Jeff reports we now have 9 people across the country who are all working on grants for us for free. No strings attached. Also a site called Grant Gopher has approximately 198 possible available grants for us to look into. Jeff has made a list of needs for grant writing. He is also open for suggestions to help our shelter. (2) Jeff says all applications for cats received for the month of August will be 1/2 off, so any cat 6 months or older is $30. Becky asks that if anyone places a newspaper ad to please advise her so the ads are not duplicated. (3) Jeff and Liz printed out and handed out the Volunteer Survey results and discussed them. They ask that each of us review and readdress next month with solutions. Edwina says most shelters have cleaning hours and public hours separate. Most members present agreed that that would be a great move for us to do too. (4) Bonnie read the results of the phone survey regarding whether to move forward with hiring a director or not. There were 12 yes votes, 3 no votes and 2 who did not respond. Jeff printed the notes from the 7/26/22 meeting and handed them out. A meeting will be held on Saturday August 20, 2022 at 3:00pm at the shelter to discuss the final details to hiring a director: hours and duties and a start date. (5) On this
Friday, August 12th, Jeff will begin taping off the big cat room for painting. Saturday and Sunday will be painting day. Anyone who can is asked to help. Paint color will be blue, green and violet which are Fear Free colors for cats.

(8) The Board of Directors need 2 spots filled. Eileen has resigned. Jeff is stepping down due to his Director position beginning soon. Katie has offered to fill in until year's end on one position. Becky motioned for Katie to fill in, Bonnie 2nd.  Motion carried. (2) Expected absences are Bobbi (already discussed with Jeff) and Becky for next Thursday. (3) The can area needs solutions for eye appeal. Tarps were suggested. Becky says no, can we look into a more permanent solution like privacy slats. Jeff will inquire. (4) The Bow-Wow Bash will be held October 22, 2022. Ron Anderson will be auctioneer and The Boars Den will cater. There will be a meeting at Marge's house on August 19th at 1:00pm for discussion. All are welcome. (5) Jeff talked to Kathy Hooper with Animal Control on Monday. We are allowed to take any cats, no restrictions. For dogs we are
only allowed to accept owner turn-in's. (6) Jeff asked if we want to participate in the Standdown again this year with $5.00 vaccines and possible rabies if a vet/tech is available. Motion by Becky to proceed, Bonnie 2nd. Motion carried. Edwina asks if Dr. Disney has resigned. Beth says yes, but if needed he is there to help, just call. Also Jeff is still talking with Pets for Patriots about helping to find homes for the animals with issues. (7) Liz would like to make a volunteer recognition program where hours/years or for other reasons volunteers are appreciated by a gift of some sort. Possibly a T shirt or ? (suggestions welcome). A motion to move forward was made by Becky 1st, Bonnie 2nd. Motion carried. (7.1) T shirts are needed with logo's for purchase by anyone. (7.2) Jeff can only work Monday and Tuesday from now on as a volunteer. He is
available by phone anytime. (7.3) Becky asks for clarafications to be made for shots for cats on the doors.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Additional Meeting Minutes July 26,2022

A KPFL additional meeting took place at the shelter on July 26, 2022 at 4:00pm.

Attending were Becky Monroe (via phone), Bonnie Edmundson, Jeff Sharp, Beth Kumle, Edwina Smith and Liz Hall.

Duties of Director: Faith previously made a List of Duties. We reviewed all and decided the volunteers are responsible for the duties below and these duties will be removed from the Director list: (1) Chart and file all new daily cat information (2) Maintain cat files with all new and relevant information (3) Chart and file all new daily dog information (4) Maintain dog files with all new and relevant information (5) Training and grooming of dogs (6) Maintain all dog/cat files with any new or updated information (7) Update health information weekly

Additionally the Director will be responsible for making the public (anyone who makes a spay/neuter appointment) aware that they (or an appointed responsible sitter they designate) must stay with their dog during recovery. We have no back-ups. For the KPFL dogs, a call list for sitters during recovery should be made in case the scheduled person has an emergency.

It's agreed the Director and all Volunteers must: (1) Represent KPFL in a professional, well kept, friendly and engaging manner (2) Maintain good customer service for and to the public (3) Help maintain a presence in the public networking and education.

The Director, all Volunteers and the Fundraising Committee all need to be proactive in: (1) Help facilitate monetary funds to support Director's income (2) Actively participate in most fundraising events (3) Find new outlets/opportunities for fundraising Incoming phone calls were discussed and agreed upon. If the Director is not available to answer calls, then Voicemail will pick up the call.

Edwina voiced concern over the difference between Independent Contractor, Self Employed and an employee for IRS reasons. Becky will investigate and call accountant if necessary. Faith also previously mentioned a qualification necessary for a Self Employed person for a

Particulars if we decide to go forward with hiring Jeff Sharp for Director: (1) Which days of the week do we want him at the shelter? (2) He would like to be paid bi-monthly. (3) Since he would pay his own taxes he would like the $1000 monthly to be net. Gross would be approx. $1087.92. (4) Which hours/days? Late nights for public?

Edwina requested the processing of applications for adoptions be done in house only. Or that the head of the adoption committee update the Director daily/weekly so that all can know the status of the animals.

Becky voiced concern about one person from the Board being the liaison between the Director and the Board for reasons of possible issues. All minor concerns can be addressed thru a program that Liz will introduce.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes July 13,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at Susan Bulyar's home at 181 Wapiti Way, Troy, MT on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 5:37pm.
Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Becky Monroe, Bonnie Edmundson, Liz Hall, Linda Andreason, Marge Sullivan, Susan Bulyar, Eileen Carney, Deirdre Ruark, Beth Kumle and Bobbi McCanse.

Minutes were approved as posted.

Becky gave highlights of Treasurer's Report. We were $10,443 in the negative for June, with $10,100 of that due to paying for the generator in full which was previously approved. She also asked opinions on direct deposit. General advise is to accept it whether in a separate account or directly.
(3) Cat committee has nothing to report.

(4) Dog committee reports there are 3 dogs on medication. Vet will re-evaluate once meds are done.

(5) Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 9 dogs. Emergency shelter 1 cat. Intakes 6: 4 cats, 2 dogs. Special circumstances 2: 1 cat, 1 dog. Fosters 36: 7 cats, 29 dogs. Cats in shelter 25 + 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 6. June spay/neuter 16: 8 cats, 8 dogs. Microchip 7 dogs. Jeff asks that anytime a
file is taken that it be returned to the basket and he will refile. Jeff also reports he was contacted by email by a company called Dogs Bond. They say they would like to help our fundraising thru an online board game. Jeff will investigate further. Becky motioned to persue, Linda 2nd. Motion carried.
Linda asked if we are going to go forward with the Bow Wow Bash this year in October. Yes is the answer. She will inquire with Bubba's BBQ about the catering. Maybe to include a vegetarian dish.

(6) Eileen reports on the fundraising that we collected $38.53 from Libby Banks and $54.22 from Troy Banks. Also we received $165 from Facebook, $504 from recycling and $30 from Thrivent.

(7) Old business (1) No new grants found. We will look into Petfinder, non-profit, and grants for dog/cat food. Should anyone see/find info on grants, please forward to Eileen. (2) Jeff wants to run the cat adoption special in August. Please have fliers/advertising ready, do not advertise before. (3) The backup generator and system is complete. If power is cut off, generator will automatically start/run. (4) Liz wants to get the sponsorship program up and running, both locally and nationally. Previously approved and ready for signs over kennels, at front counter and more!

(8) New business (1) Each of us is possibly seen/known as a KPFL representative. We must each conduct ourselves to the best of our ability at all
times. (2) Absences: Deirdre July 20 - August 2. Faith working for summer 4 days a week. Please call or text for asap. (3) We will ask people to keep their  items for donations until we are ready for them. No storage is available. If they must relinquish they may bring to Botique Breille and notify that proceeds go to KPFL. (4) Liz asks that all volunteers unite! In her quest to get us more volunteers we must work as a team/united, not as individuals. It is hard to get volunteers when we are not working together. She will use a community outreach program for day to day, seasonal and projects. She will contact schools and churches. A site called Calendly will show the organization, communication, duties and description needed for volunteers as well as email communication. Jeff also wants to talk to Duane about doing radio interviews to let the public know of our goings on as well as to answer frequently asked questions. Those questions should also be posted on our website and Facebook. (5) Jeff announced that he has been talking to a lady who won best director at the Cannes Festival about making a documentary for KPFL. He would like it to cover from start to finish a Browning pup to a forever home. Also to advise the public that reservation pups are a National problem, not just local. (6) Rocky Canacua
offered a free service to us to advertise hard to place dogs. Motion to move forward with this 1st by Beth, 2nd by Bonnie. Motion carried.
Jeff passed out a volunteer survey. Please fill out, no names, and return by end of July. Liz will evaluate. Katy of Troy PD asked us to help her by taking 4 cats with fleas and 2 dogs. Lincoln County will not service Troy. We cannot help, we are under staffed. Call Bonners or 2nd Chance.
Becky made a motion to move forward on voting for a paid director. Beth 2nd. Motion carried. Bonnie will be calling for paid members for the next week for votes, yes or no. Results to be collected by July 21st and then posted. Friday July 15 at 2:00 Jeff and Edwina will review and begin revising the By-Laws. All invited.

A motion to adjourn made by Marge 1st, Becky 2nd. Motion carried at 7pm.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes June 8,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at Riverfront Park on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 5:30 pm. Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Becky Monroe, Bonnie Edmundson, Deb Frey, Eileen Carney, Susan Bulyar, Katie Tingey, Leslie Ferguson, Edwina Smith, Bobbi McCanse, Deirdre Ruark and Dr. Kathryn Hawkins.

Motion to approve minutes from May by Faith 1st and Jeff 2nd. Motion carried.

Becky handed out the Treasurers Report. Highlights; we paid the $14,000. roof bill. Donations are down which is normal this time of year. Becky asks that with OTI's we ask for the pets food to cover a couple days to help them adjust, along with bedding/shirt with owners' smell. Also if we can leave kittens with moms 12-14 weeks instead of 8.

Faith will train Deirdre to help on the application process.

Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 5; 1 cat, 4 dogs. Intakes 6; 1 cat, 5 dogs. RTO's 2 dogs. Fosters 42; 6 cats, 36 dogs. Cats in shelter + 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 6. May spay/neuter 11; 7 cats, 4 dogs. Microchips 6. Regarding recycling, if someone is willing to take a large amount of cans to Kalispell, i.e. a truck and trailer or more, contact the board for quick approval on help to pay for gas.

Old Business; in order to request grants we must vote and approve on item. Estimate for kennel extension is $60,000. Asking for board approval to
move forward with kennel additions for the future for sick/spay/neuter/moms and pups and intake. Motion to move forward by Bonnie 1st, Becky 2nd. Motion carried. Marge suggested a co-director to help the director positon. Jeff says an Independent Contractor is not an option according to the IRS because of how it relates to a non-profit. He would have to be a wage employee or a Self employed. Becky advises we have no-one to fill volunteer position including covering shifts. Bobbi asks where will money come from. Faith will be gone June 15-summer. Jeff will be gone June 17-July 7. We need help for Kimberly during her shift. Dr. Hawkins says all vaccines are inactive. It's advisable to vaccinate all pregnant animals in shelter. Check fosters for rabies vaccines. For the shelter the earlier spay/neuter the better. She also passed out an information sheet.  Becky says so far she does not think we need a shed for storage. Jeff asks that for July we run a special for cat adoptions: $30. Motion to accept by Jeff 1st and Deb 2nd. Motion carried. Liz will be here from July 2 thru August to help. Jeff advised us he is job hunting.

Motion to adjourn at 7:46pm by Faith 1st, Bonnie 2nd. Motion carried.
Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes May 11,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at 1st Montana Bank on Wednesday May 11, 2022 at 5:30pm.
Attending were Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Becky Monroe, Bonnie Edmundson, Deb Frey, Marge Sullivan, Eileen Carney, Bobbi McCanse, Anita Beasley and Linda Andreasen.

Jeff proposed that the reading of the Minutes not take place. If an error is noted, bring to the next meeting and it can be reviewed and/or corrected. Motion by Becky to approve, Bonnie 2nd. Motion carried.

Becky reviewed the Treasurer's report. We had a loss for the month of $1023.25. Donations are down. The generator will be ordered soon. Our storage unit wants to start charging us $50. month. Inquiries will be made for a new, free space. Motion to release storage unit made by Linda 1st and Marge 2nd. Motion carried. Becky noted we saved $73.30 last month with our new heat pump.

For the cat committee Jeff reported we need a second mama/kitten cage. He's searching for possibilities. For the dog committee Jeff reports that the pea gravel has been dispursed. Also the flap in Gunner's pen has been replaced with hopefully non-chewable material. Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 7; 1 cat, 6 dogs. Intakes 9; 1 cat, 8 dogs. Returned to us 1 cat. Special circumstances 1 cat. Fosters 39; 4 cats, 35 dogs. Cats in shelter 24 + 3 outside cats. Dogs in shelter 8. April spay/neuter 16; 6 cats, 10 dogs. Microchip 5. Vouchers 2.

Fund raising read by Eileen: Boutique Brielle $157., Facebook $80., Libby Banks $65.43, Thrivent $125., Troy Banks $61.92.

Old business: No new grants. Search for food grants also. When the dog kitchen is converted to an office, cyclone fencing will be used to partition. The city wants to redefine our lease agreement. The city will also pay for the land survey. The dog kennels concrete block dividers are on hold, no workers to be found.

New business: We all agree there are too many pets in foster. Linda will ask our current vet her thought on age to spay/neuter for cats and dogs. According to the vets recommendation we will adjust our spay/neuter foster agreement to lessen the tracking and cost of fosters. This subject to be revisited at the June meeting. Home checks for adoptions will continue. The discussion for the Directors positon is time consuming. We will bring
questions/concerns/remarks to each meeting and discuss for 15-30 minutes per meeting. Bonnie will moderate. Motion to accept by Becky 1st, Bonnie 2nd. Motion carried.

Jeff reviewed a new microchip called Fi Nano. Cost is $3.00 per vs. current Home Again chip is $10. per. All agreed to try Fi Nano. Also, GPS collars were discussed. Motion to postpone for now by Becky 1st, Bonnie 2nd. Motion carried. Jeff will call for comparative retail prices for microchips.

Linda is to be gone some days in June. Jeff will help find coverage. Iva DeShazer's house burned to the ground. There will be an envelope at the
shelter for people to donate.

Motion to adjourn by Becky 1st, Linda 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.
Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes April 13,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at 1st Montana Bank on Wednesday April 13, 2022 at 5:30pm.

Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Becky Monroe, Bonnie Edmundson, Deb Frey, Tina Green, Lynn Hagarty, Edwina Smith, Bobbi McCanse, Susan Bulyar and Iva DeShazer.

The minutes were approved as read by Bonnie.

Becky handed out the Treasurer's report. The highlights are $30,000. from Eugene Vaughn estate, $15,304. from Jordan's Way campaign minus $3500. for his percent, and $7,140. total so far for 2022 letter. Annual taxes to prepare cost $1,328. and the plans for the dog addition cost $501.

Becky reported about the cat committee meeting. Cat intake must stay in intake for 5 days after their shots, then transfered to Nations cage. When neutered they must stay separate for 2 days before Nations cage. When spayed they must stay 7 days before Nations cage. Kittens must be 5-6 months old before transferred to Nations cage. We need 2 more Nations cages at $259. to $350. and 1 portal for $117. Also a storm door for $300. Motion to buy all by Bonnie 1st and Susan 2nd. Motion carried.

Faith will determine meeting date for dog committee and overall duties. She will email to all involved to coordinate the best day/time.

The Rummage Sale will be May 13/14 in the Ponderosa Room.

Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 9: 6 cats, 3 dogs. Emergency shelter 2 dogs. Intakes 16: 13 cats, 3 dogs. Returned to us 1 dog. Fosters 36: 1 cat, 35 dogs. Cats in shelter 26 + 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 5. March spay/neuter 6: 3 cats, 3 dogs. Microchip 7: 5 cats, 2 dogs. Vouchers 2. Flathead Valley spay/neuter 10.

Becky reported on fundraising for March. Recycling $194.58, Troy Banks $42.15, Libby Banks $73.30, memorials $355., Botique Brielle 18.76, Jordan's Way $10,236., 2022 letter $2925., Cabinet Mtn Brewery $30.

Old Business: Jeff discussed stationary generator by Generac for $11,239.
including 350 gallon propane tank and hook up vs. movable generator for $6000. all inclusive. Motion to go forward and buy the Generac stationary generator by Bonnie 1st, Becky 2nd. Motion carried.

Ekna is working on grants.

Jeff reports we are waiting on the city before moving forward on the dog addition. We are also waiting on the roof start because of load restrictions on the road. Discussion ensued about helping people with their pet vet bills and/or transportation. A fund of $1500. annually to start this year. Not to be advertised or offered unless requested. Motion to accept fund amount by Bonnie 1st, Edwina 2nd. Motion carried.

New Business: Jeff discussed the removal of the chain link fencing on the interior kennels and replacing with cinderblock. Cost of brick is about $898. Jeff will inquire on labor and email to board.

Faith would like to get Microsoft Office for 5 computers at $5.00 month/$60 year for better record keeping. Motion to purchase by Deb 1st, Edwina 2nd. Motion carried.

Jeff talked about getting pea gravel for the outside dog kennels at $350 for 10 yards from Granite Concrete. He will inquire what other kennels use and also if the price includes delivery.

Linda/Mark suggested converting the kitchen to an office. Becky is concerned about securing the dog food and supplies. Bonnie suggested a pony wall and used cyclone from dog kennels for security. Becky/Linda/Faith will review. Motion to go forward by Becky 1st, Lynn 2nd. Motion carried.

Tina offers a Scentsy product for us to sell, with $3.00 for each 6 sold going to the shelter. To start May 1st. Motion to sell by Tina 1st, Becky 2nd. Motion carried.

Deb passed out and read her proposal about paying Jeff as an Independant Contractor for his duties at the shelter. General consensus is to discuss further at each meeting. All should bring concerns/ideas to meetings.

Becky reports we just agreed to spend $13,288 at this meeting.

Faith kept track of travel for the last 2 weeks. Faith/Jeff traveled 60-70 miles at 15 mpg. A weekly allowance of $20. for gas was discussed. Motion to pay allowance by Bonnie 1st, Lynn 2nd. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 7:19pm by Bonnie 1st, Lynn 2nd. Motion carried.

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes March 16,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at First Montana Bank on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 5:30pm.

Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Bonnie Edmundson, Becky Monroe, Deb Frey, Edwina Smith, Bobbie McCanse, Eileen Carney, Marge Sullivan, Linda Andreasen, Susan Bulyar, Iva DeShazer and Anita Beasly.

Minutes were approved as read by Bonnie.

Becky talked about the Treasurer's report.  We had an income for the month of February of about $13,000 after expenses.  We are still waiting for our payments from the fundraiseron Facebook of about $8681.   We need to pay Jordan's Way approximately $3,500 out of our total.

 Eugene Vaughn passed away.  His son Paul contacted us, we are to receive a $30,000. check.

Jeff read the shelter report.  Adoptions 7; 2 cats, 5 dogs.  Intakes 4;1 cat, 3 dogs.  Special circumstances 3 cats.  Fosters 36; 1 cat, 35 dogs.  Cats in shelter 19 + 3 outside cats.  Dogs in shelter 6.  February spay/neuter clinic 6; 4 cats, 2 dogs.  Microchip 2 dogs.  Vouchers 2.

Monthly meetings will resume on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  Next meeting will be Wednesday April 13, 2022 at 5:30pm.

 Eileen reported on the fundraising.  Libby banks $94.81, Troy banks $41.85.  Memorials $50.00.  Lincoln County animal care s/n $105.00.  Boutique $22.87.  Facebook $200.00.  Jordan's Way $5068.76.  Amica Foundation Match $2625.  Letter 2022 $4215.  Thrivent $120.00  Cabinet Mtn Brewery $240.00.

Our annual rummage sale is possible.  Eileen will check with the Ponderosa Room availability in early May.

Old business; a backup generator and system is a good idea.  Jeff will get more info of complete cost.  Motion to move forward by Becky 1st and Bonnie 2nd.  Motion carried.  Revisit this in April.

Eileen has sent in a request for a $1,000 roof grant.  Ekna will also be helping to look for grants including general operation grants.

Edwina discussed how to hire help for some projects.  Protocol is contact board with info/cost and board will decide.

Jeff gave information on stripping/waxing the cat room floors.  Cost is about $280.  Mark's Carpet volunteered time to reinstall some tiles.  Paint was discussed.  With paint the cost may rise to about $500.  Motion to approve made by Becky 1st, Bonnie 2nd.  Motion carried.

Jeff gave the dog addition update.  The City building committee needs plans.  Maybe a survey to better define site lease.  Jeff will ask them for the city to pay.  The drafter for plans charges $18.00 hour.   The addition will have 6 rooms for intake, quarantine and whelping/mom/puppies area.  Motion to move forward by Becky 1st, Linda 2nd.  Marge and Edwina abstained.

Deb is concerned about our application process taking too long.  Discussion ensued with agreement 2 weeks is ok.  If taking applications please review paperwork with applicant to be sure it's complete!

Becky asked for a separate meeting to discuss specific shelter duties and possibly changing some around to best benefit each volunteer.   Motion to pass by Bonnie 1st and Deb 2nd.  Motion carried

Liz would like to do a fundraiser newsletter.  Also discussed was advertisement banners for businesses monthly/yearly to sponser animals/rooms.  Motion to pass by Becky 1st, Bonnie 2nd.  Motion passed.  Discussion on charges to come.

Jeff brought up the need for a weight scale.  Cost is approx. $200.  Motion to buy one by Linda 1st, Bonnie 2nd.  Motion carried.

Jeff discussed the need for a replacement credit card reader.  Cost is about $300.  Motion to buy one by Marge 1st, Edwina 2nd.  Motion carried.

New walls for the dog kennels will be brought up again in April.

Jeff reports we have gotten 3 bids for a new roof.  Shawn Construction is the most affordable.  Motion to hire Shawn to do the composition roof plus the extension for $33,277. made by Becky 1st and Bonnie 2nd.  Motion carried.

Bonnie discussed the requirements needed to record donations.  Name, address, amount, date and how paid are the most important.

Faith discussed the need for a gas allowance for travel to home visits, etc.  She will tally expenses for a week at a time to get an average and send to the board.  Motion to approve by Becky 1st and Bonnie 2nd.  Motion carried.

Linda questioned where are the KPFL signs?  Jeff to contact Frames Unlimited to get them done.

Motion to adjourn by Marge 1st and Linda 2nd.  Motion carried.  Adjourned at 7:43pm

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes Febuary 7,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at the First Montana Bank at 5:35pm on February 7, 2022.
Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Bonnie Edmundson, Becky Monroe, Iva DeShazer, Eileen Carney, Bobbi McCanse, Linda Andreason, Marge Sullivan, Edwina Smith and Beth Kumle.

The minutes were approved as read by Bonnie.

Becky gave highlights of the Treasure's report. For the month of January we had a loss of $2690.35. January was slow on donations as usual. Becky requested that if anyone is contacted by the radio station, please do not buy time.

Jeff gave the shelter report. Adoptions 5: 5 dogs. Shelter 2: 2 cats. Intakes 19: 19 dogs. Special circumstances 1: 1 cat. Fosters 27: 4 cats, 23 dogs. Cats in shelter 23 + 3 outside cats. Dogs in shelter 18. Spay/neuter 4: 3 cats, 1 dog. Microchips 4: 3 cats, 1 dog. Voucher 2: 2 cats. Flathead Valley spay/neuter 11.

Eileen reported we received $200.00 for a memorial donation, $42.00 from Troy banks and $500.00 for a grant from Fidelity Charitable. Jeff asks for people to make phone calls for the Jordan's Way fundraiser. Also wanting names of well known/important people to volunteer to be involved in the fundraiser.

Becky asks that we reword the "first come-first served" motto. She has found a better one and will pass it on to those that can update information. Jeff asks do we need to retain a lawyer for special circumstances. Edwina says no. Just ask for someone to represent/advise us when needed. Faith will talk to J. Forsythe. Becky discussed general public assistance. On people who will repay we should set up a minimum payment of $1.00 month. On people who are unable to repay, should we have a maximum amount? Should we have a maximum for the year? Should we set up a donation account for the public to help the special need pets of others? This will be re-discussed next month. Jeff and Faith requested that someone, Eileen was asked and agreed, find grants
for building construction and roof replacement. Also a general operation grant and/or a repair building grant. We need a dog quarantine area and an intake facility.

Faith requested we move the monthly meeting to another day. The 2nd Wednesday of the month was decided on. Motion by Bonnie 1st and Linda 2nd, motion carried. This will begin with the March 9th meeting.

Open topic. Linda requests that our online Home to Home program encourages all to spay and neuter.

Motion to adjourn made by Marge 1st and Bonnie 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 6:16 pm.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes January 3,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at 1st National Bank in Libby at 5:30 pm on January 3, 2022.
Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Bonnie Edmundson, Linda Andreason, Marge Sullivan, Edwina Smith, Eileen Carney, Deb Fry and Bobbi McCanse.

The minutes for December were read by Bonnie and approved.

The Treasurer's report was printed and passed around. Faith read highlights. KPFL had a net income of $841.26 for December 2021. Edwina questioned where does money for vet lunch come from. Deb discussed buying bulk for money saving. Anyone going to Kalispell should ask if supplies are needed to help save money.

Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 7; 7 cats. Intakes 1; 1 dog. Fosters 28; 4 cats, 24 dogs. Cats in shelter 25 + 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 5. Spay/neuter 3; 2 cats, 1 dog. (Faith says this is an error and will look into it). Microchips 4; 3 cats, 1 dog. Vouchers for 5 dogs. Flathead Valley spay/neuter 11.

Eileen reported on fund raising. Recycling $165.00, Troy banks $23.00, Libby banks $147.55, Amazon $148.13, Boutique Brielle $33.00, Craft show $68.00, Christmas trees $90.00, and a $5000.00 grant from Sans Foundation for spay/neuter program.

Old business: Cabinet Mountain Brewery fundraiser on Thursday evenings. Marge made table display cards with pics. Faith will make volunteer info sheets also. Our insurance will not cover any roof repairs. Original roof done incorrectly. New business: Jeff had an independent water test done. Our water is 4x harder than normal. No filter needed. A softner would help. Culligan quoted $2673. for softner system. Jeff will get hot water heater flushed. He will also investigate other options. Bobbi discussed disaster planning. Fire disaster is first concern. Electricity outage second concern. A generator is an option. Jeff will look into it more. A fundraising opportunity has come up. It requires a $250. deposit. All members are to investigate and give opinions to move forward or not. Proceeds would be a 25/75 split.

Open topic: Linda would like to have a Libby spay/neuter clinic with Spay Montana using money from fundraising. It would require renting a facility. Linda discussed the Home to Home program. We need more push for the spay/neuter to happen. Edwina suggested volunteers working longer should not park in front of building to allow visitors better parking for personal saftey. All agreed. Bobbi voiced concern about volunteers working alone in case of emergency. This can't be enforced, but is strongly suggested. Also for those on medication, making a list for the shelter files to be kept confidential is a good idea. Deb discussed buying some live traps as ours have disappeared. A motion was made by Faith 1st, Bonnie 2nd and passed to buy 2 traps.

Yearly dues were collected.

Marge motioned to adjourn, Bonnie 2nd, meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

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