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Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes January 3,2022

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting took place at 1st National Bank in Libby at 5:30 pm on January 3, 2022.
Attending were Faith Lee, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Bonnie Edmundson, Linda Andreason, Marge Sullivan, Edwina Smith, Eileen Carney, Deb Fry and Bobbi McCanse.

The minutes for December were read by Bonnie and approved.

The Treasurer's report was printed and passed around. Faith read highlights. KPFL had a net income of $841.26 for December 2021. Edwina questioned where does money for vet lunch come from. Deb discussed buying bulk for money saving. Anyone going to Kalispell should ask if supplies are needed to help save money.

Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 7; 7 cats. Intakes 1; 1 dog. Fosters 28; 4 cats, 24 dogs. Cats in shelter 25 + 3 outside. Dogs in shelter 5. Spay/neuter 3; 2 cats, 1 dog. (Faith says this is an error and will look into it). Microchips 4; 3 cats, 1 dog. Vouchers for 5 dogs. Flathead Valley spay/neuter 11.

Eileen reported on fund raising. Recycling $165.00, Troy banks $23.00, Libby banks $147.55, Amazon $148.13, Boutique Brielle $33.00, Craft show $68.00, Christmas trees $90.00, and a $5000.00 grant from Sans Foundation for spay/neuter program.

Old business: Cabinet Mountain Brewery fundraiser on Thursday evenings. Marge made table display cards with pics. Faith will make volunteer info sheets also. Our insurance will not cover any roof repairs. Original roof done incorrectly. New business: Jeff had an independent water test done. Our water is 4x harder than normal. No filter needed. A softner would help. Culligan quoted $2673. for softner system. Jeff will get hot water heater flushed. He will also investigate other options. Bobbi discussed disaster planning. Fire disaster is first concern. Electricity outage second concern. A generator is an option. Jeff will look into it more. A fundraising opportunity has come up. It requires a $250. deposit. All members are to investigate and give opinions to move forward or not. Proceeds would be a 25/75 split.

Open topic: Linda would like to have a Libby spay/neuter clinic with Spay Montana using money from fundraising. It would require renting a facility. Linda discussed the Home to Home program. We need more push for the spay/neuter to happen. Edwina suggested volunteers working longer should not park in front of building to allow visitors better parking for personal saftey. All agreed. Bobbi voiced concern about volunteers working alone in case of emergency. This can't be enforced, but is strongly suggested. Also for those on medication, making a list for the shelter files to be kept confidential is a good idea. Deb discussed buying some live traps as ours have disappeared. A motion was made by Faith 1st, Bonnie 2nd and passed to buy 2 traps.

Yearly dues were collected.

Marge motioned to adjourn, Bonnie 2nd, meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

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