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Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting - May 5, 2020

The meeting was held at 5:00 pm at 22 Cross Road Way.

Attending:  Beth Kumle, Faith Lee, Bonnie and Robert Edmundson, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Linda Andreasen, Edwina Smith, Susan Bulyar, Tina Green, Bobbie McCanse, Marge Sullivan, Lynn Hagarty,  Denise Leach.  Also attending was Stacy from Kootenai Record News.

Beth Kumle called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.  The reading of the Minutes from April 20, 2020 began.  Corrections were made that Tessa  will post on website and Mark will post on Facebook.  Also added were elected officials.  Minutes were then approved as read.

Beth Kumle read Cruise for a Cause donations collected for KPFL.

Faith Lee presented the Treasurers report for April.  A unanimous vote to keep it the same was passed.

Faith Lee presented the Shelter report.   Adoptions 4: 3 cats, 1 dog.  Intakes 10: 10 cats. Return to owner 1: Japeto.   Fosters 7: 7 cats.  Cats in shelter 27.  Dogs in shelter 2. April spay/neuter clinic 21 animals: 8 cats; 7 spays, 1 neuter and 13 dogs; 7 spays, 5 neuters.  Microchips 3; 2 cats, 1 dog.  No Veteran Support.  Discussion held on Veteran Support.  Decision to offer discount if caller identifies themselves as Veteran was made and 1st motion made by Denise Leach and 2nd by Faith Lee.  Cost on vaccines vs amount charged was discussed.  Faith and Becky are investigating and will report.

Nothing to report on fund raising committee.   Rummage sale location undecided.  Possibility to be held mid-late June.  If needed Faith will ask church for tables.  All members to be sent bonfire website for review.  Tina to take t-shirt info to Flash 56 for comparison.

Add 501c3 records maintenance to be added to the the Treasurer duties.   Edwina, Bobbie, Robert and Jeff to meet to incorporate officer duties in Bylaws and to continue revision. Revision of Bylaws to be sent to all members.

No decision on re-opening shelter.  Will continue to make appointments thru May.  All appointments made to be approved by the volunteer on duty at the time of the appointment.  Edwina asked for hours to be reviewed by volunteers before re-opening shelter.  

All committee members to read and know duties required.  

Marge and Faith to update trifold brochure.

Policy on Decision Making Authority for Shelter Animals adopted by motion to approve by Robert 1st and Faith 2nd as read.

 E-mail/Written Communication Policy adopted by motion 1st by Faith, 2nd by Tina.

Discussion on Log Book protocol.  Follow-thru's in animal folders. 

Newly elected officials are: President-Beth Kumle, Vice-President-Faith Lee, Secretary-Bonnie Edmundson, Treasurer-Becky Monroe.

A motion was made to adjourn by Bonnie 1st and Faith 2nd.  Adjourned at 6:40 pm.  The next meeting will be June 1st, 2020, location to be posted.

Bonnie Edmundson minutes 


Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting - April22, 2020
The meeting was held at 5:00 pm at KPFL.

Beth Kumle, Faith Lee, Becky Monroe, Robert and Bonnie Edmundson, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Linda Andreasen, Kim and
Eric Hoehne, Edwina Smith, Susan Bulyar, Eileen Carney, Tina Green, Bobbie McCanse, Marge Sullivan
Beth Kumle called the meeting to order.

The reading of the minutes from March 9, 2020 began at 5:00 pm. The minutes
were approved as read.

Becky Monroe presented the Treasurer's report current to date. Permission on a cost comparison was discussed. Motion
was passed by Beth Kumle 1st and Faith Lee 2nd.

Faith Lee presented the Shelter Report. Intake 9: 7 cats, 2 dogs. Adoptions 6: 5 cats, 1 dog. One return to owner: Fritz.
Foster 5: 3 cats, 2 dogs. Cats in shelter 26: 24 cats, 2 kittens. Dogs in shelter 3. March spay/neuter clinic 31 animals: 19
cats; 15 spays, 4 neuters, and 12 dogs; 6 spay, 6 neuter. Microchip 4: 2 cats, 2 dogs. No Veteran Support.

Policy on time and cost of owner adopt/re-claim discussed. Motion made for 72
hours full reimbursement of cost to KPFL or wait 7 days and go thru the adoption process and pay only the adoption fee
by Becky Monroe 1st and Robert Edmundson 2nd. Edwina will post on website and FaceBook.

Fund raising committtee's discussed. Eileen Carney collected recycling. Payment is on a 6 month schedule starting April.
Banks are closed. County is giving approximately $900. in reimbursement for nonpayment on Spay/Neuter. Kathy
Hooper wants the report every 3 months to be provided by Becky Monroe. Vintage Collectables unknown volunteer pick
up, possibly Connie Holthaus or new volunteer needed. Trivent and Amazon.com unknown. Botique Brielle dontate
scrubs and towels. Wait on PetSmart due to Covid. Rummage Sale on Hold.

Jeff Sharp, Robert Edmundson, Edwina Smith and Bobbie McCanse to revise KPFL By-Laws.
Possible new meeting place: First Montana Bank. Tina Green will contact and advise.

New Business:
Motion made for 1st Monday of each month at 5:00 pm for new meeting date by Bonnie Edmundson 1st and Eric Hoehne

Motion made for Assistant Director to Faith Lee to be Jeff Sharp by Linda Andreasen 1st and Marge Sullivan 2nd:
Bobbie McCanse objected. Motion made by Bobbie McCanse to be Shift Manager for
Wednesday and Friday.

Policies to be decided on by Board

Committee's are: Finance; Becky Monroe
chairperson, Fundraising; Eileen Carney
chairperson, Dog Adoptions; Faith Lee
chairperson, Dog Health; Edwina Smith
chairperson, Cat Adoptions; Becky Monroe
chairperson, Cat Health; Becky Monroe
chairperson, Spay/Neuter; Faith Lee
chairperson, Public Relations; Faith Lee
chairperson, IT; Faith Lee
chairperson, Facility
Maintenance; Faith Lee chairperson, Ordering; Faith Lee
Motion made to review/revise in 6 months by board.

Motion made for a Volunteer Orientation Procedures
Book to be made by Faith Lee 1st and Edwina Smith 2nd. Faith Lee will be director. Also to include Cat Capacity
Procedure Book. Becky Monroe will forward operating procedure information, including cat capacity documentation, she
has to Faith Lee.

Next meeting vote on By-Laws dues. Volunteer Applications need to be

Motion made for Tablet and Square donated to be put in use by Marge Sullivan 1st and Becky Monroe 2nd.

Jeff Sharp presented Bonfire website t-shirt opportunity. Free cost, percentage paid to KPFL per sale. Next meeting Faith will
present possible wording on shirts for approval.

A motion was made to adjourn by Marge Sullivan 1st and Beth Kumle 2nd. Adjourned at 6:40.

The next meeting will be May 4, 2020 to be determined.
Bonnie Edmundson minutes


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