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Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes October 5,2020.
The meeting was held at Libby Community College and called to order at 5:01 pm by
President Beth Kumle.
Attending were Tessa Sharp, Linda Andreasen, Edwina Smith, Bobbi McCanse,  Faith
Lee, Eileen Carney, Tina Green, Beth Kumle and Marge Sullivan.

The minutes of the last meeting were sent out to each member and can be found on  line.
There was no Treasurer’s Report
Faith Lee gave the Shelter report - In September there were 9 adoptions (4 cats/
kitten, 5 dogs). 5 cats and 7 dogs were taken in.  One dog was returned to the Shelter.  
There were 14 Fosters (5 cats and 9 dogs). There were 17 cats in the Shelter and 3 
dogs.  In August there were 24 spays and/or neuters and 6 animals microchipped.
Discussion was held on number of cats in shelter and available volunteers to do the 
work.  Faith will try to schedule additional workers and fill in where people are 
unable to come in.

Eileen Carney collected $36 from the Troy dona&on banks and Marge reported $12 
from Boutque Brielle for September.

Old Business:  Shelter repair was addressed.  Funding has already been approved and 
the building repair work will continue.

The Mom Room was discussed.  Faith is waiting to hear from several contractors that 
have been contacted.  Design and materials were discussed.  Faith will check on  further options.

New Business:  Bobbi gave a report of new kiBens and mom brought in and how to  best handle them.  Home to Home adoption was also discussed.

Faith made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Tessa.  Passed and we adjourned.

Minutes by Marge Sullivan for Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes September 14,2020.

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting minutes, Monday September 14, 2020 took place at 5:00 pm at
Libby Community College.

Attending: Beth Kumle, Bonnie Edmundson, Becky Monroe, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Linda Andreasen,
Eileen Carney, Tina Green, Marge Sullivan, Edwina Smith, Susan Bulyar, Bobbi McCanse, and Laura

The reading of the minutes from the August 3rd, 2020 meeting were read. The minutes were then
approved as read.

Faith Lee was absent so the discussion on the Mom's room for the cats was put on hold.

Discussion ensued regarding the $1000 donation and if KPFL should share a portion with Browning as the donation
was stated to help with reservation pups. It was agreed that we should allot approximately $250. for
supplies for Browing dogs/puppies not to be given in cash but to pay suppliers directly. Motion to
approve 1st by Bobbi and 2nd by Bonnie. Motion carried.

Bobbi suggested getting pics and videos of KPFL animals to put on Facebook page.

Eileen is writing a letter to apply for LCC Foundation Grant. The letter is asking for help for money to
transport animals to/from Kalispell.

The chainsaw event collected $2349 unofficially. The online auction is not included.

Becky is concerned with the adoption of Sammy. It seems there is a conflict of truth/lies about his
whereabouts and if he is wanted. Becky will investigate.

Marge requests everyone to report volunteer hours as she keeps track monthly.

Flathead spay/neuter task force agreed to take 10 of ours on October 7th.

Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions 2: 2 cats/kittens. Intakes 6: 5 cats, 1 dog. Returned to us 2: 2
dogs. Special Circumstances 1: 1 cat. Fosters 11: 5 cats, 6 dogs. Cats in shelter 20. Dogs in shelter
1. August spay/neuter 24: 15 cats, 4 dogs.

Unknown who collects local donations. Believed to be Connie. Laura will check. Eileen collected $22.
from Troy banks.

Becky read the Treasurers Report. We seem to be getting large donations of wet cat food, source
unknown. KPFL was advised we will be receiving 7% of an estate. More info to come.

Discussion of putting KPFL ads in newspaper quarterly to keep the public aware of our needs.

Motion to adjourn made by Becky 1st and Marge 2nd. Motion carried at 6:05 pm.

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes August 3,2020.

Kootenai Pets for Life monthly meeting minutes took place Monday August 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm at KPFL.

Attending: Beth Kumle, Bonnie Edmundson, Becky Monroe, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Eileen Carney,
Marge Sullivan, Bobbi McCanse, Edwina Smith, and Susan Bulyar.

The reading of the minutes from the July 6th, 2020 meeting were read. Marge disagreed with the report
regarding the Bow Wow Bash and when the decision to reschedule might occur. The minutes were then
approved as read.

Becky distributed the Treasurer's Report. She recommended we go forward with projects which need to
be done: ie leaky roofs. Tom Horelick is donating materials. Becky also suggested a larger area in the
intake room for mom's and kittens. Don will go forward fixing door jams and purchasing stain/sealant for
them. The bathroom faucet is a priority, maybe Delta faucet because of the lifetime guarantee?

Faith was absent. Jeff read the shelter report. Adoptions: 13; 5 cats and 8 dogs. Intakes: 6; 6 dogs.
Returned to Owner: 1 cat. Fosters: 5; 1 cat and 5 dogs. Cats in shelter 22, dogs in shelter 5. Spay and
Neuter: 24; 9 cats and 11 dogs. Microchip: 10; 2 cats and 8 dogs.

Fund raising: Eileen picked up $22. from Troy banks and second hand store. Discussed a possible
Rummage Sale in March or so. Marge suggested adding Botique Brielle to collection/donations. Shelter
activity will be sent to Marge for newspaper releases.

Old business: Beth reported a donation of hoses and misc. from the anesthesia machine repair
company. ByLaws were approved and signed. Adoption prices changed to $60. for cats and $100. for
dogs. Motion to approve by Becky and Marge 2nd, motion carried. New applications for animals will be
charged the new prices.

New business: Bobbie reports omnibus hearing for Percy on Aug 24th at 1:30 pm at LC courthouse.
Please show up for prosecutor. Alert Dr. Griffin. Still looking for kill shelters in MT. Looking into Idaho
and WA for kill shelters. Dog is my co-pilot still on hold. Sending shelters want unavailable info from us.
Becky reports a company called MT Transport can help move dogs across state lines. Form needs to be
made for mileage reimbursement. Motion made by Becky and Edwina 2nd for mileage reimbursement.
Motion carried.
Becky asked for a prioritized list of work to be done at shelter. Tessa will advertise online the need for
skilled workers.

Motion to adjourn made by Bonnie and Tessa 2nd. Motion carried at 6:30 pm.
Bonnie Edmundson minutes

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes July 6,2020.

The meeting was held at 5:00 pm at 22 Cross Roadway.
Attending: Beth Kumle, Faith Lee, Bonnie Edmundson, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Eileen Carney, Susan Bulyar, Marge
Sullivan, and Laura Tindall.

Beth Kumle called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm. The reading of the minutes from June 1, 2020 were read.
Motion to approve was made by Faith 1st and Tessa 2nd. Motion carried.
Becky Monroe was absent to read the Treasurer's Report. Said report is to be emailed to all members ASAP
according to Becky's email.

Faith read the Shelter Report. Adoptions 15: 12 cats/kittens and 3 dogs. Emergency Shelter 1 dog. Intakes 15: 5
cats and 10 dogs. Return to owner 1 dog. Return to us 2: 1 cat/kitten and 1 dog. No special circumstances.
Fosters 7: 2 cats and 5 dogs. Cats in shelter 27. Dogs in shelter 5. June spay/neuter 24: 14 cats (7 spays and 7
neuters) and 9 dogs (6 spays and 3 neuters). Microchip 11: 9 cats and 2 dogs. No veterans discounts. There
was no Flathead Valley spay/neuter task force. All adoptees are said to be doing good! Faith did a cost analysis
on shots in order to offer Veterans a discount. Currently shot prices are $15. If we offer 1/2 off for Veterans the
price would be $7.50

Fund raising: Eileen reported we will receive a check for about $299. for recycling. She received $13. from Troy
banks. Connie was reported to have gone to the Libby banks. Becky will have the donated amount. Rummage
Sale total was about $1400 via Becky's email. Marge discussed the Bow Wow Bash date in October being as yet
undecided due to Covid. She voiced concern because of the Live and Silent Auction. Marge talked to Linda and
put off the decision for a date until August. Linda previously asked Faith if she would cater. Faith reported Vintage
Collectables is closed so we will try to sell our better rummage sale items online. Beth, Faith and Bonnie will
determine prices and also offer OBO. Any items left over may be offered to Brielle to sell. Bonfire reports we sold
2-3 shirts for a total of $9.21. KPFL will recieve a donation for us to buy a T shirt to have on display for

Old business: Eileen wants ByLaws resent for approval. Jeff will make current corrections and resend asap. Beth
will follow-up with phone calls to all members to get individual votes. Calls will be made by July 15th. Confirmation
for each vote will be made at the August monthly meeting.
Dog is My Co-Pilot: we are to receive 3 dogs on July 12th. They are coming from El Paso, Texas. Concern was
voiced regarding buying more Revolution for the out of town dogs. Faith and Becky will discuss cost. All dogs will
arrive vaccinated. A discussion ensued regarding dogs carrying Covid. The results are no reports are conclusive.

New business: Faith reported on the over-all building maintenance.
1. The LED outside lights need replacing.
2. The outdoor cat area needs new plastic. There are 2 sections that need replacing, outside ideas are
3. Perimeter gates need securing. Maybe padlocks or chains to make enclosures non-accessible to non-
4. Also we need to address the footing in the outside kennels. The current gravel is hard on the dogs feet.
The possible solutions are pea-gravel or concrete slabs. Pea gravel is $22. per yard. $220 for a truck load which
should be enough. Concrete price is not yet determined. Faith will look into this. Concrete seems to be the easier
of the two for cleaning and maintenance, but more costly.
5. The fencing out back is not secured to the top post. A roll of wire should be sufficient to
6. Also as a suggestion Faith would like to make an area for possible adoptees to meet the dogs. She suggests a
covered area outside with a roof and sides.
7. In the dog hallway is a desk with tools. It might be better to have shelving there. Materials have been inquired
about and seem inexpensive. Also there are possible dontations of materials by Tom Horelick. Contact needs to be
8. Locate mouse holes and fix.
9. The dog kitchen faucet is
leaking. The best repair would be a new faucet.
10. We need shelving in the bathroom. These items are not

The lady who wants to donate reservation dogs has come and inspected KPFL. She brought us 4 dogs. She
would like to have us donate shots for the dogs. Discussion ensued and we agreed that we would trade shots for
dogs. All dogs coming to us will be vaccinated. Tessa is willing to meet her for pick-up when needed. It was
recommend to place our need for vaccines online for donations. Tessa offered to make a Go Fund Me page for
the reservation dogs vaccines. Motion to approve was made by Bonnie 1st and Tessa 2nd. Motion carried.
Adoption prices were discussed. Average KPFL cost for a male cat is $56.50. Average cost for a 100# male dog
is $119.50. Faith proposes we raise our adoption prices to $50. for cats and $100. for dogs. Beth proposes we
raise our prices to $60 for cats and $125. for dogs. At our next meeting Faith will have a complete breakdown list
of costs. Marge voiced concern about our Sands Grant money if we raise our prices too high. Also because we
are a not-for-profit organization. Faith will investigate more.

The anesthesia machine possibly needs servicing. In order to fulfill the warrenty the only company that can
service the machine is in California. The charge $210 for the service fee and $105 for transportation. Faith called
and asked for a discount. They agreed to reduce the service fee by $15 to $195 and to reduce the transportation
fee by $40. to $65. The machine has not been serviced in 3 years. Beth reports she has not noticed any
malfunction. She and Dr. Disney have changed the filter gravel when needed. Dr. Burt says service is not
needed. It is believed Dr. Conkel and Dr. Griffith both are having their machines serviced. Faith read an extensive
list of inspections that the company will do. It was suggested we agree to the servicing in order to keep the
warrenty valid. Motion to approve was made by Laura 1st and Faith 2nd. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made at 6:37 pm by Bonnie 1st and Beth 2nd. Motion carried.
Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting Minutes June 1, 2020. 

The meeting was held at 5:00 pm at 22 Cross Roadway.

Attending: Beth Kumle, Faith Lee, Bonnie Edmundson, Becky Monroe, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Susan Bulyar, Marge Sullivan, Linda Andreasen, Eileen Carney, Edwina Smith, Bobbie McCanse, Laura Tindall, Tina Green, Kimberly and Eric Hoehne.

Beth Kumle called the meeting to order at 5:15 pm.  The reading of the minutes from May 4, 2020 were read and approved.

Becky Monroe read the Treasurers Report for May.  Concern was displayed that donations have fallen off considerably.  It is unknown if Connie and Anita have been picking up from the banks; Laura Tindall will inquire and follow thru as part of the team to ensure this gets done.  Becky reported a cost comparison for pellets bought from Ace vs Western Building.  Ace is $30 more per ton plus a $25 delivery charge.  Faith will contact Ace to inquire about price match.  The Treasurers Report was then approved as read.

Faith Lee read the Shelter Report.  Adoptions 4: 4 cats.  Intakes 8: 8 cats.  Return to us 1: 1 cat.  Special circumstances 2: 1 cat, 1 dog.  Fosters 6: 6 cats.  Cats in shelter 27.     Dogs in shelter 1.  May spay/neuter 27 animals: 18 cats; 13 spays, 5 neuters and 8 dogs; 6 spays, 2 neuters.  1 bunny neuter.  Microchips 2: 2 cats.  Feral neuter 1 cat.  Linda will inquire about delivering cats to Flathead for spay/neuter.  

Fund raising: Eileen went to Troy and picked up $20. She will inquire into other businesses in Troy.  We received about $105 from Amazon and $130 from Facebook.  The Rummage Sale is still on hold until Covid Phase 3.  Eileen will keep everyone informed.  Marge inquired about a tile for Bandi.   Eileen asked if KPFL has received a check from Evergreen yet, Becky will check.  

Current By Laws were reviewed.  Bobbi suggested Article 6 Section 7B be changed to read; A Board member shall be removed for failure to attend 3 consecutive regularly scheduled board meetings without having given a notice of absence.  Motion to approve was made by Bobbi 1st and Becky 2nd.  Motion passed.

Becky proposed for KPFL fiscal year to be changed to January thru December thus changing the Annual meeting to December so official takeovers are made in January.  In October the positions available will be announced.  In November nominations will be made.  In December the vote will take place.  In January the nominee’s will be seated.  Motion to approve was made by Laura 1st and Faith 2nd. Motion was approved.   If the first Monday in January is a holiday, the monthly meeting will be change for that month to the second Monday.  

Dues were discussed.  Beth proposed $20 annual dues going to Petty Cash.  Discussion on member vs volunteer ensued.   Marge opposed dues going to Petty Cash.  If a member is unable to pay dues, then KPFL can/will pay.    An annual fee of $10 was instead agreed upon.  Motion to adopt was made by Faith 1st and Eric 2nd.   Bobbi, Edwina and Laura oppose the motion.  Motion was passed.  

Tina forgot to check on T-shirts.  Will do so by next meeting.

Laura proposed dues to be made due on January 1st of each year for everyone.  If membership is made January thru July, full membership is due.  If membership is made August thru December the new member will receive the rest of the year plus the following year for the membership dues.  Motion to pass was made by Faith 1st and Bonnie 2nd.  Motion passed.

Faith read the new Lost and Found procedures which will now be located in a folder in the binder of procedures.  Faith also produced new hours of operation.  Becky opposed being closed for 3 full days.  Jeff and Tessa will work Thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm.  Edwina asked for a form made to make appointments on.  Faith will make one.  

Jeff printed out and passed around a T-shirt design to be used in a single campaign on Bonfire for special food for the animals.  This is to be for a couple months to try out.  There is no cost to KPFL, only possible income.  Motion was made to approve by Becky 1st and Faith 2nd.   Motion passed.

Becky did a cost analysis on buying local at Rosauers vs the internet.  Homesteaders was not included.  Analysis was on wet/dry cat food only.  Rosauers was $6.20/bag more.  Chewy or Amazon were cheaper. Laura voiced concerns about Rosauers discounts and donations being lost.  Becky says even with discount/donation that Rosauers is more.  Motion made to buy only wet/dry cat food online was made by Becky 1st and Faith 2nd.  Motion was approved.  Bobbi said cost analysis should be proposed to the proper committee instead of the meeting.  Becky agreed.

Jeff told of a lady in Browning who rescues reservation dogs and gives them to shelters.  She would like to inspect KPFL mid June or so before donating dogs to us.  She does donate to other shelters.  More information to come.

Jeff found a program called Dog is My Co-pilot.  This man will fly dogs within 11 western states.  There is no cost for us, he has his own funding.  Dogs are already vaccinated.  They come from kill shelters and are adoptable.  KPFL would get to choose which dogs they want.  Do we want to sign up?  Motion was made to approve by Faith 1st and Bonnie 2nd.  Motion was passed.  Becky proposes we make a procedure for intake of animals.  Faith will produce.  

Marge proposed changing the Bylaws: Article IX; Committees: 2. Fundraising.  She disagrees about committees’ spending money.  She wants to strike the 1st sentence.  Motion to delete the first sentence was made by Marge 1st and Becky 2nd.  Bobbi opposes.  Motion passed.  

Motion to adjourn meeting was made at 6:55 pm by Bonnie 1st and Faith 2nd.

Minutes by Bonnie Edmundson


Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting - May 5, 2020

The meeting was held at 5:00 pm at 22 Cross Road Way.

Attending:  Beth Kumle, Faith Lee, Bonnie and Robert Edmundson, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Linda Andreasen, Edwina Smith, Susan Bulyar, Tina Green, Bobbie McCanse, Marge Sullivan, Lynn Hagarty,  Denise Leach.  Also attending was Stacy from Kootenai Record News.

Beth Kumle called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.  The reading of the Minutes from April 20, 2020 began.  Corrections were made that Tessa  will post on website and Mark will post on Facebook.  Also added were elected officials.  Minutes were then approved as read.

Beth Kumle read Cruise for a Cause donations collected for KPFL.

Faith Lee presented the Treasurers report for April.  A unanimous vote to keep it the same was passed.

Faith Lee presented the Shelter report.   Adoptions 4: 3 cats, 1 dog.  Intakes 10: 10 cats. Return to owner 1: Japeto.   Fosters 7: 7 cats.  Cats in shelter 27.  Dogs in shelter 2. April spay/neuter clinic 21 animals: 8 cats; 7 spays, 1 neuter and 13 dogs; 7 spays, 5 neuters.  Microchips 3; 2 cats, 1 dog.  No Veteran Support.  Discussion held on Veteran Support.  Decision to offer discount if caller identifies themselves as Veteran was made and 1st motion made by Denise Leach and 2nd by Faith Lee.  Cost on vaccines vs amount charged was discussed.  Faith and Becky are investigating and will report.

Nothing to report on fund raising committee.   Rummage sale location undecided.  Possibility to be held mid-late June.  If needed Faith will ask church for tables.  All members to be sent bonfire website for review.  Tina to take t-shirt info to Flash 56 for comparison.

Add 501c3 records maintenance to be added to the the Treasurer duties.   Edwina, Bobbie, Robert and Jeff to meet to incorporate officer duties in Bylaws and to continue revision. Revision of Bylaws to be sent to all members.

No decision on re-opening shelter.  Will continue to make appointments thru May.  All appointments made to be approved by the volunteer on duty at the time of the appointment.  Edwina asked for hours to be reviewed by volunteers before re-opening shelter.  

All committee members to read and know duties required.  

Marge and Faith to update trifold brochure.

Policy on Decision Making Authority for Shelter Animals adopted by motion to approve by Robert 1st and Faith 2nd as read.

 E-mail/Written Communication Policy adopted by motion 1st by Faith, 2nd by Tina.

Discussion on Log Book protocol.  Follow-thru's in animal folders. 

Newly elected officials are: President-Beth Kumle, Vice-President-Faith Lee, Secretary-Bonnie Edmundson, Treasurer-Becky Monroe.

A motion was made to adjourn by Bonnie 1st and Faith 2nd.  Adjourned at 6:40 pm.  The next meeting will be June 1st, 2020, location to be posted.

Bonnie Edmundson minutes 


Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting - April22, 2020
The meeting was held at 5:00 pm at KPFL.

Beth Kumle, Faith Lee, Becky Monroe, Robert and Bonnie Edmundson, Jeff and Tessa Sharp, Linda Andreasen, Kim and
Eric Hoehne, Edwina Smith, Susan Bulyar, Eileen Carney, Tina Green, Bobbie McCanse, Marge Sullivan
Beth Kumle called the meeting to order.

The reading of the minutes from March 9, 2020 began at 5:00 pm. The minutes
were approved as read.

Becky Monroe presented the Treasurer's report current to date. Permission on a cost comparison was discussed. Motion
was passed by Beth Kumle 1st and Faith Lee 2nd.

Faith Lee presented the Shelter Report. Intake 9: 7 cats, 2 dogs. Adoptions 6: 5 cats, 1 dog. One return to owner: Fritz.
Foster 5: 3 cats, 2 dogs. Cats in shelter 26: 24 cats, 2 kittens. Dogs in shelter 3. March spay/neuter clinic 31 animals: 19
cats; 15 spays, 4 neuters, and 12 dogs; 6 spay, 6 neuter. Microchip 4: 2 cats, 2 dogs. No Veteran Support.

Policy on time and cost of owner adopt/re-claim discussed. Motion made for 72
hours full reimbursement of cost to KPFL or wait 7 days and go thru the adoption process and pay only the adoption fee
by Becky Monroe 1st and Robert Edmundson 2nd. Edwina will post on website and FaceBook.

Fund raising committtee's discussed. Eileen Carney collected recycling. Payment is on a 6 month schedule starting April.
Banks are closed. County is giving approximately $900. in reimbursement for nonpayment on Spay/Neuter. Kathy
Hooper wants the report every 3 months to be provided by Becky Monroe. Vintage Collectables unknown volunteer pick
up, possibly Connie Holthaus or new volunteer needed. Trivent and Amazon.com unknown. Botique Brielle dontate
scrubs and towels. Wait on PetSmart due to Covid. Rummage Sale on Hold.

Jeff Sharp, Robert Edmundson, Edwina Smith and Bobbie McCanse to revise KPFL By-Laws.
Possible new meeting place: First Montana Bank. Tina Green will contact and advise.

New Business:
Motion made for 1st Monday of each month at 5:00 pm for new meeting date by Bonnie Edmundson 1st and Eric Hoehne

Motion made for Assistant Director to Faith Lee to be Jeff Sharp by Linda Andreasen 1st and Marge Sullivan 2nd:
Bobbie McCanse objected. Motion made by Bobbie McCanse to be Shift Manager for
Wednesday and Friday.

Policies to be decided on by Board

Committee's are: Finance; Becky Monroe
chairperson, Fundraising; Eileen Carney
chairperson, Dog Adoptions; Faith Lee
chairperson, Dog Health; Edwina Smith
chairperson, Cat Adoptions; Becky Monroe
chairperson, Cat Health; Becky Monroe
chairperson, Spay/Neuter; Faith Lee
chairperson, Public Relations; Faith Lee
chairperson, IT; Faith Lee
chairperson, Facility
Maintenance; Faith Lee chairperson, Ordering; Faith Lee
Motion made to review/revise in 6 months by board.

Motion made for a Volunteer Orientation Procedures
Book to be made by Faith Lee 1st and Edwina Smith 2nd. Faith Lee will be director. Also to include Cat Capacity
Procedure Book. Becky Monroe will forward operating procedure information, including cat capacity documentation, she
has to Faith Lee.

Next meeting vote on By-Laws dues. Volunteer Applications need to be

Motion made for Tablet and Square donated to be put in use by Marge Sullivan 1st and Becky Monroe 2nd.

Jeff Sharp presented Bonfire website t-shirt opportunity. Free cost, percentage paid to KPFL per sale. Next meeting Faith will
present possible wording on shirts for approval.

A motion was made to adjourn by Marge Sullivan 1st and Beth Kumle 2nd. Adjourned at 6:40.

The next meeting will be May 4, 2020 to be determined.
Bonnie Edmundson minutes


Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting - March 9, 2020

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting - February 10, 2020

Kootenai Pets for Life Monthly Meeting - January 13, 2020


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